The City of Cambridge Wants To Hear From You –The Proposed New Alcohol License Fees


  As you may know, the License Commission has proposed a significant increase in the fees for no-value liquor licenses (those which cannot be sold.)  The current proposal recommends doubling the annual fees, and adding a $5000 processing fee every three years.  If approved, the processing

fee would be due this September, and the new fees would go into effect during the December 2013 billing cycle.

On July 29th, Councillor Cheung submitted a policy order which Councillor Toomey charteded, to look into the License Commission’s motivation for the fee increase.  In doing, so they effectively tabled the issue until future Council meetings -the future date has not yet been announced.

There are many CLF businesses who hold these licenses, and would be impacted by the change.  If you have opinions or concerns about the fee change, we highly encourage you to write the council.

Any comments or suggestions should be forwarded to Elizabeth Y. Lint at  

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