Think Local Thank Local & Shift Your Shopping For Good




By Signing up to participate:

  •  You’ll be listed on our Think Local Thank Local page, as well as the national Shift Your Shopping For Good campaign page
  • Sign up by November 7 and you will even have a chance to be mentioned in a commercial starring Kevin Bacon, specifically promoting participating businesses.


Agree to offer a portion of individual purchases to charity (15% recommended) when customers mentionShift Your Shopping”, “Think Local Thank  Local”, or “Cambridge Local First” from Friday, November 29th through Friday, December 6th. You can offer a percentage of all sales; give a flat donation for specific items purchased; or anything in between. Customers must mention the promotion in order to trigger the donation (i.e., it acts like a coupon, you are not required to give a percentage of all sales, it just has a much more charitable impact).

Your participation gets you FREE use of Causetown, a quick and simple tool that enables each customer to choose ANY nonprofit to benefit, turning charities into cheerleaders for the local economy.

They have truly tried to address concerns of added confusion at the register by offering several different methods for tracking purchases:

  • pen and paper  
  • manually adding transaction through the website  
  • A POS App.

Use whichever method works best for your business!
You receive 1 invoice and 100% of the funds are distributed to recipient organizations.

Causetown is donating their time and energy to this project and will assist all CLF businesses who want to participate in getting setting up.

Read More about the campaign here

Signing up is easy- visit the CLF Website TODAY

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