Ben Tang

      • I am currently a master’s student at MIT.
      • My background is in data analysis, process/operations improvement, and data science. In particular, I am comfortable framing vague issues into clearly-defined business/operations problems, and have a wide technical toolbox to answer/address them.
      • In 2014 during my undergraduate studies, I served on a year-long consulting team that worked with the Town of Needham in understanding how to revitalize their downtown economy (WGBH). Between analyzing the demographic, economic, and social network modeling data, and conducting interviews with shoppers and small business owners, the Town Economic Development Board found our insights invaluable, continuing the engagement until 2020 to implement and measure the performance of our recommendations. Having lived, worked, and organized events in the city for almost a decade, I’m deeply familiar with many sides of the city.
      • Lastly, I’m also an avid, semi-professional photographer and graphics designer, and would love to be able to leverage my artistic side in contributing to CLF!
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