Laury Hammel

Laury Hammel is the President and CEO of The Longfellow Clubs of Massachusetts, which encompasses health and sports clubs, holistic health centers, children’s centers, and camps that serve 15,000 members. Honored by the Boston Globe as one of the top places to work in Massachusetts, Longfellow is a recognized industry leader in innovative business practices, environmental responsibility, and community service.

Laury has helped dozens of Independent Business Alliances and other local business coalitions get started. Additionally, he founded the Sustainable Business Network of Massachusetts (SBN) in 1988, Business for Social Responsibility in 1991 and, in 2001, co-founded the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies. Laury directs the 1000+ member SBN and has developed innovative programs like the Boston Local Food Festival, the Sustainable Business Leader Program and the Sustainability Leadership Summit. Laury also joined AMIBA’s board of directors in 2016 (serving a three-year term) and is part of AMIBA’s speakers bureau.

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