Michael Sanchez

Michael Sanchez is currently a Harvard Kennedy School student and an aspiring
elected official. From a young age, Michael has always wanted to help his
community through inspiring others and solving issues associated with
economic disparities; however, he had little to no idea how to achieve his
ambitions. Fortunately, he learned about the perfect occupation that would allow
him to assist others while engaging with the community, a public official.

Beginning in high school, Michael has sought the skills necessary to become an
exemplary public servant so that he may improve his country and those
immediately around him. Later as an undergraduate at the University of Texas at
San Antonio, Michael sought and created opportunities. His initiative would
lead him to city internships, college leadership, project management, and
completing a rigorous curriculum.

After finishing his undergraduate education in Economics, Michael was
accepted into the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, where he is learning
the dynamics of public policy. Additionally, he is also taking courses at Harvard
Business School to strengthen his economic and monetary understanding.

Fortunately, Michael found his purpose at a young age. His motivations drive
him, and they are not clearing up anytime soon. He wishes to inspire others to
do the same and create an environment that makes dreams easier to achieve.

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