Pooja Paode

Pooja brings a wealth of experience in regional health policy, community development, and food policy initiatives, and she has collaborated with our incredible sister organization, Local First Arizona. Pooja believes that local businesses are one of the best reflections of a community’s history, personality, and cohesion. 

Pooja writes, “I have learned so much about Cambridge and have admired the appreciation and pride its residents and business owners take in it. I have been energized by how passionate, involved, and genuine the people I have met are. For example, I can vividly remember a business owner I recently spoke to expressing her sadness in having to close and her hopes that her customers of many years would not feel abandoned. I was struck by the duty she felt towards them and have noticed a sense of duty folks in Cambridge have not only towards the city and region, but the country as well. I have also become a frequent visitor of Formaggio Kitchen, Wine and Cheese Cask, Café du Pays, Mamaleh’s and Kantipur Café nearby!”

Cambridge Local First