Rachel Han

  • My whole life – personal and professional – has been about building community. It’s important to help each other and build a vibrant and diverse community. Growing up, I loved my dad’s grand tales of his working at three family businesses: a farm (he learned how to drive using a tractor), a tofu-making shop, and a handmade furniture/carpentry business — all to earn enough money to go to college. He and our family would not be where we are if he hadn’t had the opportunity to work at those small businesses.
  • Part of my childhood was spent on the South Side of Chicago, and this sense of duty, of contributing to my family and my community was solidified by my experiences there. People helped each other, in every way possible. Our modern lives are much more transient now. I’m certainly a representative data point; I lived and worked in four countries before returning to the US. A decade later, here I am in Cambridge, having gone to school here and left a career in healthcare and government for a software company in Boston.
  • I’ve also joined the Cambridgeport Neighborhood Association (CNA) as a board member. My family and I have made Cambridge our home, and I’d like to contribute to our neighbors and local businesses in an advisory capacity.
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