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 Community banks are more likely to invest in their communities and give back locally. Join us during the month of April to learn more about the benefits of banking locally and explore whether your bank aligns with your values. If not, it may be time to make the switch!

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Why bank local?

Community banks and credit unions are more likely to invest in their local communities and support small businesses.

In 2018, community-based financial institutions made 52 percent of all small business loans nationwide, even though they controlled only 16 percent of total banking assets (ISLR). There are many ways in which you can bank local in the way that works for you – through community banks or even credit unions.

Community banks

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Credit unions

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Banking locally is more important than ever!

In 1994, the 10 largest banks held 58% of all deposits. That year, 90% of all deposits were held across 87 distinct banks.

In 2021, the ten largest banks hold 82% of all deposits. Today, 90% of all deposits are held across only 19 distinct banks.

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