Basil Bins and a Commitment to Sustainable Catering

In response to CLF’s “Love your Planet Month”, Basil Tree wanted to share some of our green initiatives. It has been our mission from the beginning, 30 years ago, to become a company committed to maintaining earth friendly practices.

We compost 90%+ of all of our onsite food waste and work with Save That Stuff to ensure that we comply with the most up to date standards for waste and recycling. We offer only compostable paper products to our customers, made from repurposed sugar cane and wheat fiber (don’t worry, it’s gluten-free J).

Even better than recycling is reusing!   Basil Tree created a program using storage containers that we call our “Basil Bins”. The Basil Bin allows for customers to deposit any platters, lids, serving utensils, and re-usable beverage dispensers into the container after use and we schedule pick-ups for the next day. Once the bins are back at Basil Tree, we wash and sanitize the items so that they can be used again.

We continually work to educate ourselves and improve our green efforts.  Sustainable Business Network (SBN) of Mass helps us stay informed.  One suggestion that they have made for member companies is to consider using ThinkLite to switch over lighting to more energy efficient LEDs.  ThinkLite has a system to change out the bulbs without having to change the fixtures which is more environmentally sound.  If you contact ThinkLite tell them SBN sent you.

At Basil Tree, we treat every day like it’s Earth Day.


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