Cambridge City Nature Art Challenge Winning Art Includes Basketball-playing Wildlife

CAMBRIDGE, MA (July 31, 2021) Green Cambridge and Cambridge Local First (CLF) have announced the winners of the 2021 Cambridge City Nature Art Challenge. Fourth-grade winner Maya E., a student at Graham & Parks School, drew “The Basketball Journey at Riverside Press Park,” in which a Coyote, Eastern Cottontail, and Mallard enjoy a game of basketball.

Cambridge City Nature Art Challenge
Grade 4 Winner
Maya E.
Graham & Parks School

Entries were required to depict animal or plant species from a list of over 1,000 observed on the iNaturalist platform in the Boston area during this year’s City Nature Challenge, a global citizen science event occurring annually in early spring.

Raji, an art teacher for the summer program at the Cambridge Community Center, says “the children enjoyed learning about and making art about all the different wild species that are our neighbors.” Fresh Pond Reservation’s Ranger Tim Puopolo, reported it was difficult to choose winners among the Grade 1–5 students. He selected two student artworks per grade
as winners. Cambridge Wildlife Arts Coordinator Julie Croston judged the Grade 6 entries, a category in which there was one winner selected. These winners will receive gift cards to a local art supply store, Artist & Craftsman. In addition, Green Cambridge randomly selected ten of the Kindergartners who entered artwork to receive a gift of art supplies. The contest
was open to students in Cambridge Public Schools and children in Cambridge OST programs.

Here is the full list of Grade 1–6 winners

Grade 1
Emery S., Fletcher Maynard Academy, “The Magnificent Bird“
Local Species: Mourning Dove
Aurora C., Shady Hill School/Cambridge Center for Families, “Out My Window“
Local Species: Mourning Dove and Sassafras

Grade 2
Miro V., Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary, “Robin’s Nest”
Local Species: Robin
Rebecca A., Roger Clap Elementary (Boston)/Cambridge Community Center, “Springing
Local Species: Coyote, Small Copper, Butterfly Spring Crocus

Grade 3
Annika C., Tobin Montessori, “Fresh Pond Heron“
Local Species: Great Blue Heron
Mira R., Morse Elementary, “Golden-crowned Sparrow”
Local Species: Golden-crowned Sparrow

Grade 4
Marina K., Haggerty Elementary, “Red Bellied Woodpecker “
Local Species: Red-bellied Woodpecker
Maya E., Graham & Parks Elementary/Cambridge Community Center “The Basketball Journey
at Riverside Press Park”
Local Species: Coyote, Eastern Cottontail, Small Copper (butterfly), Purple Coneflower,
Common Dandelion, Red Trillium, Mallard, American Red Squirrel

Grade 5
Elizabeth S., Peabody Elementary, “Meadow Jumping Mouse “
Local Species: Meadow Jumping Mouse and White Oak
Alexander S., Graham & Parks, “Spotted Turtle “
Local Species: Spotted Turtle

Grade 6
Lilia H., Rindge Ave Upper School, “Cute Mouse by her Burrow”
Local Species: Meadow Jumping Mouse

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