Cambridge Local First & Localisity Are Making Moves: Show Us How You Love Local

So, we all thought it was adorable when BuzzFeed and Best Friends Animal Society started their romance. It was pretty nifty when Starbucks and Spotify coupled up. And, of course, we were all just waiting for Taco Bell and Doritos to get together. But if you thought those partnerships were cool, then we think you’ll definitely be excited to hear what Cambridge Local First and Localisity have in store.

Cambridge Local First (your enthusiastic non-profit network of locally owned and independent businesses) and Localisity (the quirky ecommerce hub and same-day delivery service for local retailers) are excited to officially announce our new partnership! We are banding together, with the support of our fellow wicked-local community members, to further our joint mission of empowering local businesses and to shed light on the importance of supporting the local retail economy. 

Let’s quickly review what makes this partnership a simple equation for success. Add Cambridge Local First’s distinguished efforts to support, promote, and celebrate a Local Economy Community to Localisity’s actionable retail platform and multiply that by each of our individual endeavors… We will not only enable our favorite local businesses to join the ‘buy local’ movement and market their inventories online, but can also promote the ease of supporting small businesses to their combined audience of locally-minded Cantabrigians. “Today’s small business owners face a daunting array of challenges. However, a thriving small business sector is vital to Cambridge’s sense of self. We are eager to partner with Localisity, and to jointly tackle the challenges our local and independent businesses are facing.” Says Theodora Skeadas, Executive Director of Cambridge Local First.

In recent decades, we’ve all seen how policy has favored the growth of the big box corporations. Despite this, a growing amount of research has shown what so many of us already know: that the increasing size of corporations drives crippling inequality and that it is locally owned businesses that strengthen the middle class while also creating more prosperous and connected communities. “Local businesses are critical to the health of our local economies. Numerous studies have shown that local businesses create, on average, nearly 2 jobs for every dollar spent and 1.5 times the wages when compared to large chain stores. Our partnership is set to close the awareness and technology gap that has been a major inhibitor of local business growth” says Ben Dooley, Localisity Co-founder.

The face of today’s shopping experience is constantly evolving. As modern consumers, we expect and demand such conveniences as omnichannel shopping, social connectivity, and same-day delivery. And while these requirements have traditionally driven customers to the ever-dwindling number of ever-growing mega corporations, we’re excited to show that they are no longer preventing the locally-minded consumer from supporting their neighborhood businesses. With Cambridge Local First’s influence and advocacy, and Localisity’s technology and platform, we aim to diminish the obstacles impeding local businesses and their communities from thriving.

We can do this together. Join us and show Cambridge how you love local.

About Localisity

We were created by locals, for locals. We believe in the power of self-sufficiency and in enabling local retailers to thrive in their communities by offering superior services to their customers.

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About Cambridge Local First

Our mission is to support,  promote, and celebrate a “Local Economy Community” by educating the public and government about the significant environmental, economic, and cultural benefits of a strong local economy.

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