Cambridge Local First unveils new website, with the support of Cambridge Community Development

Cambridge residents, students, and visitors now have a new destination website courtesy of Cambridge Local First. Website visitors are invited to “choose their own adventure,” as they discover the hundreds of locally-owned independent businesses in Cambridge. The site features live updates from the CLF Instagram account and an integrated membership management system, among other exciting new features.  

There are many people to thank for the successful completion of this project, including Adriane Musgrave, for developing the initial website project scope and grant application, Christina DiLisio, who guided us through meeting the CDD grant reporting deadlines, Susan Labandibar, CLF Board President, who channeled the initial project scope into a full website design and vision, Theodora Skeadas, new CLF Executive Director, who became the driving force behind the website development process, and last, James Graham, who is the first business sponsor of the website.

Cambridge Local First