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Skateboard Cat Scratcher ($40)

Cruise the cat playpen in style with a rad Scratch Skateboard for cats! Made from tough, corrugated cardboard, this is one interactive toy for cats and kittens to get their claws into.

Encourage exercise in a fun way with this imaginative scratch post alternative that is suitable for cats of all ages! If you don’t want large, unsightly scratch toys littering up your home, this is a purrrfect choice of scratch pad that your cat will love and will not be afraid to ‘board’!

Fairy House Wool Cat Cave ($89.99)

Designed and created as the first wool pet caves made in Nepal, this cute cave will be your pet’s second favorite home next to that of your lap! Made with sustainability in mind, and a blend of Himalayan and New Zealand wool rich in lanolin that conditions paws and helps keep fur shiny, this comfortable haven will provide your pet with a soothing, high-quality, and cute resting space.

Good for cats and small animals.

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