Give the gift of community with a CLF Localist Membership

As many tighten their belts and commit to spending fewer dollars this holiday season, we urge individuals to give more as 2021 draws to a close.  Why this message in a time of scarcity and uncertainty?  Because everyone can give more by purchasing more of their holiday gifts and celebration needs from neighbors and friends — locally owned business owners. 

Think about the people you love. Instead of stuff, what do you truly want to give them?  Perhaps it’s more hope, inspiration, or connection.  Now, consider each person, place, and thing that plays a part in growing, making, and getting that gift to your loved one.  When you shop local, you give more to everyone.

We’re not asking people to spend more, but to make sure that the dollars they do spend, give more to their community.  What do you want to give more of this year? Consult the Winter Holiday Shopping Guide for inspiration.

And, purchase a Cambridge Local First community membership for your friends and family. It’s the gift that preserves small business and the quality of life in our community.

Community memberships put power in your hands. Through newsletters, promotions, and access to members-only educational events, membership gives you the tools you need to become a powerful ally to and advocate for local businesses. 

To fill out the form below and make the gift, please:

  • Add the recipient’s information into the top box. The only required pieces are “Name” and “Email.”
  • Add your credit card information into the “One-time Credit Card Payment” section. This information will not be stored.
  • Select the orange “Sign Up!” option.
  • Note: A welcome email will be sent to your gift recipient, welcoming them to the community.
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