About the business owner:

Carrie Pasquarello (CEO and Co-Founder of Global Secure Resources Inc.) is a victim advocate who took her overseas experience with the State Department and turned it into a platform to help others navigate safe travel.

She spent over a decade throughout Europe and Asia developing her business strategy based on risk mitigation involved with her travel to over 35 countries. In the process, Carrie refined the security protocols in place used to keep diplomats safe in their travel and integrated these techniques for clients to ensure their business continuity, and most importantly, the safety of their loved ones.

Study Abroad Safety is an excellent gift for travelers and parents who may feel stressed and anxious about travel. Study Abroad Safety, A Parent’s Guide to Sending Your Child Abroad is loaded with resources, strategies, tools, and techniques to help students, parents, and teachers start an essential conversation about personal safety.

This book delivers vital safety and security preparedness planning, whether traveling around the corner or the world – just what we all need before setting off on an adventure of a lifetime!

Available for purchase in eBook and paperback.

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