Here’s How the Local First Initiative Helped Small Business Last Year!

The Institute for Local Self –Reliance has just released the results from its 2015 Independent Business Survey, and the results put a smile on all of our faces! According to the data the ILSR collected, thanks to organizations like CLF, business in an area supported by a Local first network received more business as compared to areas without Local Firsts. In 2014, businesses affiliated with Local First networks had an average sales increase of about 9.3%, and an average holiday sales gain of about 5.7%. Cities without Local First initiatives only saw an average revenue growth of 4.9% and an average holiday sales gain of about 4.2%.

ILSRgraph 1ILSR graph 2


Aside from the numbers, businesses in areas with Local Firsts were provided with other benefits including: increased local media coverage of independent businesses, improved loyalty of existing customers, new customer growth, more collaboration and support among other local businesses, increased city awareness and supportive of local businesses, and increased overall customer traffic.

We are so happy to be able to offer these kinds of benefits to all of our members, and if you are not a member yet, it’s never too late to join! To read more from the ILSR report, click here.

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