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Nationwide telecommunications startup launches free talking, texting, and office number forwarding for all SMBs and nonprofits affected by COVID-19

Cambridge, MA—March 24, 2020—Community Phone, a startup that seeks to address the need for truly customer-centric telecommunications, announced today that it is donating free office number forwarding, talking, and texting to all small businesses and nonprofits affected by COVID-19.  

Businesses that are shut down will still receive calls to their office that they cannot answer from home. This is an undue burden. Community Phone’s offer allows businesses to answer their office number on their cell phone, and removes the obligation for the business to pay their phone and cable bills at the currently shut locations. The set-up process takes no more than 72 hours and usually less than 24 hours. After businesses reopen, they can choose to keep this service for $10/month month-to-month or go pack to paying their respective cable companies’ contracts.

Community Phone purchases wholesale data from the Sprint and AT&T networks, and hundreds of lesser known networks—enabling it to operate on an international network—and passes wholesale prices directly on to its members. Community Phone’s millions of unused minutes and text messages each month will be recycled for this cause. This offer includes access to all-American based customer service over the phone 10am-7pm EST every day of the week at 888-582-4177.     

For more information visit the sign up page here.

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