I’m Merline. I am a Nurturing Birth/ Postpartum Doula, Certified Infant Massage Instructor/ and an expert Parent Educator of 20+ years supporting a diverse group of children and families. My two favorite titles I hold dear to my heart are Mama of 3 and Glamma of 1!

I empower women and birthing people to visualize their ideal birth plan. I listen actively, offer support, share information and resources, nurture and cheer on birthing people throughout the entire maternal process – from the time of conception, pregnancy, prenatal, labor, delivery, postpartum and beyond. You can count on me to help you to make informed decisions, create your birth plan, encourage you to advocate for you and your baby, newborn care, your well deserved sleep, baby massage and more.

 We have a maternal health crisis in the United States. Black women are 3 times more likely to die from pregnancy related complications than compared to white women during pregnancy and birth.
As a Doula and maternal health advocate, I am passionately committed to improving outcomes in maternal-infant health and wellness for all families, with a special focus on black maternal health and striving to work towards eliminating racial disparities and reducing the unfortunate numbers in black maternal and infant mortality and morbidity.

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