Sweet Spot Dental Joins Cambridge Local First!

Opening his start up practice in August of 2019, Dr. Jeffrey Greenberg has found great success in helping patients with quality and compassionate dental care. Sweet Spot Dental provides a safe and judgement-free environment where patients can be themselves and expect customized oral health care. With their adaptable service and patient-centric style, this dental team is dedicated to helping families and patients who have struggled with dental care in the past. Whether that’s due to a bad past experience, dental anxiety, or the complexity of their cases, Sweet Spot Dental and Dr. Greenberg are ready to provide the best care.

Knowing first hand how important it is to treat patients with kindness and respect, Dr. Greenberg is passionate about meeting new people and guiding them towards their best dental health. This is one of the reasons why he became a dentist, and continues to be the reason he brings passion and excitement to his work every day.

“I am so blessed to have patients that trust me to care for them. In my opinion, good quality dental care cannot happen unless both the doctor and patient have trust in one another. With this key ingredient in place, there is nothing we can’t achieve together!” – Dr. Greenberg

Whether it has been 6 months, or six years since your last dental appointment, Sweet Spot Dental is open to patients who feel like they’ve fallen through the cracks. As a part of their ongoing commitment to help patients in all aspects of dentistry, Sweet Spot has also begun a video series on their Instagram and Facebook accounts, talking through some common patient questions. The first of these videos focuses on overcoming dental anxiety in the chair. While the past two months have been wonderful, the entire team looks forward to the many years of excellent dentistry still to come.    

Dr. Jeffrey Greenberg has spent his career helping guide patients on their journey to a healthy smile. His mix of genuine empathy, realistic expectations, and humor creates a judgment-free atmosphere where his patients have been able to breathe a sigh of relief. Utilizing his psychology background, Dr. Greenberg incorporates unique skills and techniques that aid even the most anxious dental patient.

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