Cambridge Savings Bank: Online Banking Resources 2020

General Information

Cambridge Savings Bank was established in 1834 making it one of the oldest and largest community banks in Massachusetts. It has 17 locations in Cambridge and surrounding towns in the state. The bank oversees $5 billion in assets and has been a central part in the Cambridge Community. 

Mobile Banking

  1. You can securely access your accounts on your phone to complete transactions that you would typically have to visit the bank for. 
  2. All that is required is to download the Cambridge Savings Bank app from the app store. 
  3. The mobile app allows you to:
    1. Pay bills
    2. Place stop payments on checks
    3. Order check
    4. View statements
    5. Contact the bank by secure email
    6. Transfer funds between you CSB accounts
    7. Find the closest CSB branch or ATM
    8. Deposit Checks

Online Banking

  1. Paying bills
    1. Benefits include:
      1. Saving money on stamps
      2. Knowing that bills are paid on time and avoiding late fees
        1. You can even set up recurring payments or scheduled payments.
      3. Do not need to mail anything. 
      4. Can easily manage your budget and see payment history.
  2. Transfers
    1. No longer need to go to the ATM; can transfer money between accounts online. 
      1. You can transfer money internally or externally
    2. You can set up automatic, recurring transfer setups
    3. It is convenient and hassle free; no checks needed for payments.
  3. Sending money
    1. You can send, request or receive money online to anyone with an email or mobile number
      1. This includes people that do not have CSB accounts
      2. It is called “Popmoney”
  4. Online Statements
    1. You can go to your account to see account statements
      1. Less papers, clutter and files
    2. CSB will send you an email when your electronic account statement is ready and is easily viewable in the online site
      1. All you have to do is log into your online banking account and then enroll via the “account management” tab
    3. You get access to statements from the most recent 24 months
    4. No need to wait for the statements to come in the mail anymore
    5. The account stores the statements for you. 
  5. Connect Invest
    1. Connect Invest is an online investment advisory service that allows you to easily build a smart, tax efficient and diversified investment portfolio that is affordable and adaptable to you. 
    2. You can customize your portfolio based on your investment preferences and your financial goals
    3. There is an investment advisor that can help you and is available for you. 
    4. You can access Connect Invest by going on the CSB online banking dashboard after logging into your account. 

Opening Bank Accounts Online

  1. You can apply for a checking or savings account through the CSB site
    1. No longer have to go to the bank physically to set up an account.
      1. Especially helpful during COVID-19 conditions
    2. Then can easily set up online banking so that no longer need to physically go to the bank to do necessary tasks. 
  2. You can find more information by emailing, calling at 888-418-5626 or any local branch. 
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