Cambridge Trust: Online Banking Resources 2020

General Information

Cambridge Trust is a private bank and offers wealth management services in Cambridge, surrounding Massachusetts and New Hampshire. The bank has operated since 1890. 

Opening up Accounts Online

  • You can open a checking or savings account online on their website
  • If you have questions, you can schedule a virtual appointment or call 844-251-0099. 

Online Banking

Cambridge Trust Online– Individuals

  • Online banking is available for both Consumer and Business banking services. 
  • If you have any questions about online banking, there is a Client Resource Center at 844-251-0099
  • Services:
    • View balance of accounts and see all the recent activity
    • Easily transfer funds between accounts 
    • Schedule automatic transfers, both internally and externally.
    • Initiate stop payments online 
    • Create notifications based on parameters you determine for you accounts
      • Includes balance limits, check cleaning or CD maturity notification
    • Securely message Cambridge Trust via secure message online
    • Update contact info 
    • Download information- including transactions- into Quicken or other personal finance management softwares. 
  • You can sign up for online banking on the website
  • Cambridge Trust also provides FAQs about online banking and a short video teaching users how to navigate the website. 

BizBanker- Online Service for Businesses

  • BizBanker is the Cambridge Trust Online Services for businesses. 
  • Services:
    • Provides summary and detailed information for businesses. 
    • Different levels of subscription that determine the access and services provided. 
      • BizBanker Micro Service
        • Pay bills online
        • Limited to three deposit accounts
        • Can view e Statements and check images
        • Only one user can access the information in the account. 
      • BizBanker Standard Service
        • Can two users access the information in the account
        • Can pay bills online
        • Can have unlimited deposit accounts
        • Better reporting, including the ability to download accounting software
        • Can view eStatements and access check images
      • BizBanker Premium Service
        • This is for businesses that require Treasury Management services. 
        • Multiple user access with individual authorization levels
        • Detailed reporting to efficiently access important data
        • Pay bills online and ACH service to process payments or collect funds
        • Can conduct wire transfers both domestically and internationally
        • Can easily download reports, images and eStatements into accounting software
        • Manage loan accounts, view balances and make principal payments. 

Mobile Banking

Cambridge Trust Mobile Banking App- Individuals 

  • You can download the Cambridge Trust Mobile Banking App from the app store. 
  • Benefits:
    • You can access your banking information anywhere 
    • Review account history
    • Paying bills online for free
    • Transfer funds between linked accounts
    • Updates on balances in your accounts
    • Access, save or print electronic statements, notices, tax forms and cleared checks
    • Set up alerts if your balance is lower than a specified amount
    • Download information into Quicken
    • The App is safe and secure.
    • Can monitor your debit card via Card Control
      • You can enable/disable your debit card
      • Set push notifications for transactions
      • Restrict the use of the card based on geography, merchant or transaction types
      • Set spending limits.
    • You can link your account to your mobile wallet
      • Available through Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay
  • If your phone is capable, you can quickly access the app by either your phone passcode, touch ID or Face ID instead of logging in with your Cambridge Trust account password. 

BizBanker Mobile- Businesses

  • Services include:
    • Pay bills
    • Deposit checks
    • View account balances
    • Search activity
    • Transfer funds; Manage approvals for ACH and wire transfers
    • Available 24/7 and can access from anywhere. 
  • Can access from iPhone, Android or tablet.
  • You can enroll in BizBanker or learn more about the program on the Cambridge Trust website. 
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